Merciless Vows (Blood and Throne Duet #1)

When I was sixteen a gypsy fortune teller told me my future held darkness and death.

She was right.

But what she didn’t tell me was the devil himself would rise from hell in the form of Lucca Dyshekov and take everything from me with a gun held to my head.


He’s the Bratva assassin they all call Merciless.

On our wedding day, he taught me real monsters aren’t the ones who hide in the dark.

They’re the ones who stare you in the face and steal your soul.  


On a quest for revenge, he takes me and unearths secrets from the past that will cause a war.

When death lies on the horizon the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend.

In this instance he’s my husband.

The real question is when he finishes uncovering the truth, will he keep me or kill me. 

Second book in the Blood and Throne Duet