Tease (Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies #3)

Paul is my ex-stepbrother. We were always forbidden

Years ago when we were together, it didn’t work out.

He had his secrets. I had mine.

His destroyed us.

No one hurt me the way he did when we ended.

Now he’s home from the Marines, and he wants me back.

I try my best to resist him, until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse:

Thirty days to fall for him again.

Thirty fantasies at The Dark Odyssey.

The club that’s as wild and taboo as we once were.

If I agree, he’ll give me sole ownership of the building of my dreams.

I curse myself because what I want is him, and I shouldn’t.

The attraction and passion between us is undeniable.

He’s hot like sin and irresistible.
He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever met in my life.

Perfect in every way, with a thirst for me.

My body craves him the way it used to.

The tease of the fantasy and temptation lure me to accept his offer.

I just hope he won’t break me the way he did last time.

Falling for this man again could be one mistake I can’t fix...

Fourth book in the Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies Series