Entice (Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies #1)

I’ve heard things about The Dark Odyssey...

Sinful things…
It’s the hottest taboo club in town.
The wild masquerade lingerie parties they hold every night are the perfect playground for the daring and adventurous.
Everything changes when the masks go on.
And, so do I…

I’m the shy wallflower who decided to go there for her birthday.
That was how I met Joshua Tanner.
Joshua Tanner as in my new boss.

I just didn’t know that at the time…

I never knew that the man who enticed me to live out my wildest fantasy was the same man who’d hold the future of my career in his hands.

The shocker came the next day at work.

Along with a daring, risqué offer from my new boss I couldn’t refuse.  

He wants me to be his.

His while he trains me.

His to play with at the club.

His to own and possess.

It’s temptation I can’t resist.

I just don’t know what will happen when the fantasy ends.

What if I want more?

Second book in the Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies Series