Cruel Promises (Cruel Secrets Duet #2)

Our vicious past dragged us into a whirlpool of dark secrets.


The villain isn’t supposed to be the hero.

Willow was always mine.

So, I’ll become whatever I need to be to save her.

Including breaking the oath I made when I became a Knight.


The oath is our life and our death.


But she is my path to redemption.

My obsession.

My love.

My wife.

I’ll walk through the fires of hell to protect her.

And the sky will rain the blood of our enemies.

I won’t stop until I get what I want.

Even if it kills me.

Cruel Promises is the second part of the Cruel Secrets Duet and is NOT standalone. Please read Cruel Lies before you read this book.

First book in the Cruel Secrets Duet