Tempt (Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies #2)

I’ve always been in love with my dad's best friend

Every inch of my body comes alive with desire when I’m with Dante.

At 46, he’s an absolute silver-fox.

A hunk of delicious gorgeousness.

Too bad he’s off limits to me.

He’s my father’s best friend, and I know I shouldn’t cross that line.


Flirting with him is a bad idea.

Falling for him is even worse.


Yet… resisting temptation is the last thing on my mind when I run into him at The Dark Odyssey and he tells me he wants me.

The Dark Odyssey is the perfect breeding ground for taboo dark sexy fantasies.

Perfect for us to have our secret fling.


My father would kill us if he finds out what we’ve been up to.

Our secret, however, becomes the least of my worries when Dante’s ex-fiancé walks back into his life.

And, I find out I’m pregnant...

Third book in the Dark Odyssey Club Fantasies