Take Me (Dark Odyssey Series #5)

She was the path to redemption I never saw coming...

I’m Christian Giordano.

Raised to rule and be ruthless.

I take what I want, claim what I want.
And, she’s my new obsession.

Lilly was the angel in my kingdom of sin.

A dancer up for auction to the highest bidder.

That was the plan…

Until, I decided I wanted her for myself.

So I closed the auction and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

One million dollars to own her for the next two months.

Be my property, my possession.

Mine to do with as I want.

Nothing is off limits.

No strings attached.

At the end we walk away and never look back.


I just never knew I’d want more after the first taste.

Or, that she was fleeing from a dark past she can’t escape.

A past that could cost me everything if I decide to keep her forever.

This was just supposed to be a two-month contract.

But she’s the kind of girl you burn the city down to protect.

No matter the cost…

Sixth book in the Dark Odyssey Series