The Player (Billionaire Matchmaker Dating Agency Book 1)

Expect the unexpected from The Player ...

This guy sounds like a prick…

Name: Finn Cavenaugh
Age: 30
Personal Description: blue eyes, brown hair, 6ft 4ins, 200lbs.
Profession: Software architect and games developer of Fortune 500 company Cavenaugh Tech.
What do you want in a mate: Looking for a beautiful, confident woman who can give as much as she gets in the bedroom. Must be into BDSM, adventurous and spontaneous.
Personality Traits: highly promiscuous and sexually charged, always.
Hobbies: F@%king.

As a matchmaker, I’m not supposed to judge.
I know what billionaires are like.
Their special tastes are exactly what made my three best friends and I set up this dating agency. We exist to meet the demands of their wild fantasies.
Players and playboys are nothing new to me.
It’s just me who’s changed.
I don’t know what I expected to happen when I first met Finn Cavenaugh.
What I didn’t expect was for him to pick me when I tried to find him the perfect match.
That was the day temptation made me crazy.
So crazy it tempted me to see what would happen next with The Player…