Merciless Hunter (Dark Syndicate #4)

She should have run away from me when she had the chance…

I was on a mission of retribution and vengeance:

find my son then make my enemies pay for kidnapping him and killing my wife.

Then I met her.

Olivia made a big mistake when she tried to trick me.

I'm the leader of a blood-thirsty brotherhood.

In the Bratva the rules are simple:

An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

Enemies will always be enemies.

Try to fool me, and you pay with your life.

Except this beautiful angel managed to enchant me.

So I made her my prisoner.

A captive at the mercy of my desire.

One taste and I don’t want to let her go.

One taste and I want to make her mine.

When danger comes knocking, our fates crash together.

Locked in a web of deceit and betrayal.

Tangled in secrets and lies.

I thought I had nothing left to lose.

Until my enemies take her.

Love has no place for a dark soul like me.

But I’ll walk through the fires of hell to get her back.

Fifth book in the Dark Syndicate Series